Madison County AC Contractor Prescribes Safety

Madison County, air-conditioning contractor, Hoffmann Brothers recognizes National Safety Month with several facts, recommendations and safety statistics.

June is National Safety Month

Accidents and unintentional injuries account for the fifth leading cause of death, following heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, and stroke in the U.S.

Freak Accidents

Every four minutes, someone in America perishes due to an unintentional injury-related accident.


The National Safety Council shows fires to be a common hazard in American households. Twenty-six hundred (2,600) is the average number of deaths due to residential property fires in the U.S., each year.

A faulty air conditioner electrical connection has the ability to spark a fire. During an AC maintenance check-up, an air-conditioning contractor will check electrical connections for safety, wear and tear.

Maxim: Schedule preventative maintenance on the air conditioner to ensure your Madison County residential property’s safety. (Moreover, annual maintenance promotes an AC’s energy efficiency by at least 5%).

Did you know? Hoffmann offers three different AC preventative maintenance plans in Madison County?


Twenty percent of drowning incidents involve children under the age of 14 or younger.

Thoughtless Candle Lighting

Candles account for more than a one-third of fires in the average American household. The month of December logs the greatest number of candle fires in the home.

Annually, consumer products have been implicated in approximately 60 electrocutions. Lighting fixtures, power tools and small appliances are prevalently associated with household electrocutions.

Fractions contusions sprains, lacerations and sprains account for the highest injury associated with extension cords.

Maxim: To prevent trips, falls and other injuries, run extension and electrical cords along the wall off the floor.

UV Rays

Excessive exposure to the sun ultraviolet (UV) rays pose a great health risk. The National Safety Council advocates sun safety. With 20% of Americans being afflicted with skin cancer (melanoma), the NSC advises that sun safety begins in educating children.

Hot Weather

Exposure to heat and humidity triggers a host of disorders. Ranging from heat stroke, heat cramps to heat exhaustion, sultry temperatures have the ability to result in serious to even a fatal illness.

“Although we have nothing to do with controlling outdoor temperatures, Madison County residents can always count on Hoffmann Brothers AC contractor to keep their home cool and comfortable all summer long.”

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