A whole home surge protector safeguards your HVAC system and electrical devices during a power surge. A home surge protector redirects excess voltage and diverts it to the ground during a power surge. This protects your home’s valuable systems and devices from irreversible damage, offering safety and peace of mind.

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Whole Home Surge Protection in Nashville, TN

At Hoffmann Brothers, ensuring the safety of your home or business is our top priority. Our licensed electricians are highly trained and experienced to safely and efficiently install HVAC surge protectors and whole home surge protectors. A surge protector offers peace of mind knowing that your valuable electrical systems and devices are protected.

If you want to install a whole home surge protector in Nashville, call Hoffmann Brothers at 615-515-3015 or schedule online.

Power Surges: Causes and Risks

HVAC Surge Protection Services Being Performed in Nashville, TN
Some of the most common causes of a power surge include:

  • Lightning: If lightning strikes near your home, it can cause a power surge that affects your entire electrical system.
  • Electrical overload: Systems and devices like HVAC systems, refrigerators, and electrical machinery use a large amount of electricity and can cause a power surge if you frequently turn them on and off.
  • Power outages: After a power outage, when power is restored, the large boost in electrical current can lead to a power surge.
  • Faulty wiring: If your electrical wiring is damaged or outdated, it can cause issues throughout your electrical system, including power surges.
  • Power grid switching: If your utility company switches power grids, it can result in a power surge.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association estimates that 60-80% of power surges are created within a home or business, often attributed to powering large devices on and off. Infrequent small surges may cause little to no damage to your devices. However, recurring small surges will slowly degrade them, and large power surges can cause significant damage. A power surge will damage anything in your home or business that uses electricity or contains a microprocessor. This includes your electronic devices, appliances, heating, air conditioning, lighting, and more.

What is a Surge Protector?

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Your HVAC system and appliances are some of the most valuable things in your home and business, and they’re the most vulnerable during a power surge. A surge protector protects your electrical systems and devices and extends their lifespan by preventing damage from small and large power surges.

When excess voltage approaches your home, a home surge protector redirects it to the ground. It acts as a barrier by absorbing and diverting the surge’s electrical energy, protecting your home from damage. Power surges are unpredictable, so many home and business owners opt for installing a surge protector to ensure their electrical devices are always safe from excess voltage.

Hoffmann Brothers Surge Protector Installation and Repair in Nashville

Whole Home Surge Protection Services by Hoffmann Bros. Serving Tennessee

The safety and comfort of your family and employees is our top priority. No one wants a damaged HVAC system or appliances, especially during the Nashville summers and winters. You can expect quality, professional work at Hoffmann Brothers when you book a whole home surge protector installation or repair. We’ve been providing five-star service to our customers for over 40 years.

Count on our electricians to get the job done right. Schedule a whole house surge protector installation or repair in Nashville by calling 615-515-3015“>615-515-3015 or booking online.

Nashville Surge Protection FAQs

How does a whole house surge protector work?

A whole house surge protector redirects excess voltage away from your home and into the ground. It acts as a barrier to protect your electrical system and devices from damage during a power surge..

How much surge protection do I need?

The amount of surge protection you need depends on the type and value of the equipment in your home and if you live in an area prone to outages and lightning storms. An electrician can help you determine the right surge protector capacity for your needs.

Do I need a surge protector? Is surge protection necessary?

If you have valuable and essential electrical devices, installing a surge protector to safeguard them from power surges and extend their lifespan is advisable.

Are surge protectors safe?

When installed and maintained correctly by licensed electricians, surge protectors are safe and can protect your home or business from damage during a power surge.

Do surge protectors protect against lightning?

Surge protectors offer enhanced protection against damage from a lightning strike. However, the only way to ensure your home is 100% protected is to turn off and unplug all your systems and devices that use electricity.

What is the best surge protector?

The best surge protector for your home or business depends on the equipment you want to protect during a power surge. A higher joule rating indicates better protection.

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