Mehlville AC Pro: Spring into Action For Summertime

Spring ushers in a time for a fresh new landscape, a slew of chores to do before the hot days of summer. A heating and cooling contractor of Mehlville MO offers a few suggestions on springing into action.

Three Spring Chores to Complete Before Memorial Day

Recycle, dispose and re-purpose when possible.

Help the environment and other people, recycle.

The parts of mobile devices, computers and electronics are hazardous in a landfill, and reusable for technology companies.

Recycle cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices at local foundations and agencies. For instance, the APA Adoption Center of Missouri accepts recycled phones to raise money for its pets.

Please visit the St. Louis City website for additional details on local recycle resources:

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises homeowners to safely discard any leftover household products containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxins or corrosive matter (i.e. batteries, paints, pesticides etc).

Donate clothes to local shelters, Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

Prep the landscape.

Fertilize the lawn prior to a good downpour. Note that healthy soil consists of the right nutrients, pH balance, and texture.

“A soil analysis offers insight into what nutrients your soil needs to complement grass growth,” advises a landscaper of Mehlville.

Clear out flowerbeds and lawn of extraneous debris. Add a new layer of mulch around trees and shrubbery. Spruce up the backyard by planting a new bed of perennials, an evergreen or even shrubbery.

The springtime is also an apt time to schedule a drain cleaning to prevent any flooding situations.

Book an AC Tune-Up / Preventative Maintenance (As Soon As Possible)

Air conditioners’ exposure to dust, fine particulate matter and moisture, necessitate annual preventative maintenance. Manufacturers recommend annual AC tune-ups to sustain the system’s cooling performance and energy consumption. The EPA endorses annual preventative maintenance on the AC to offset unnecessary inflated energy costs.

Stash this URL: in your address book under a Mehlville heating and air conditioning contractor you can entrust.

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