What is the most used seat in your home? The toilet. All is well and good when your toilet is functioning properly, but the minute it shows signs of malfunction – it is a problem! Common toilet issues our Nashville plumbers fix include:

  • Blocked traps (the curved part behind the toilet)
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Constantly running
  • Overflow
  • Leaks from toilet bowl, flange, seating, or tank
  • Slow-filling or empty tank
  • Damaged tanks, flush valves, fill valves, or tank levers
  • Condensation
  • Failure to properly flush
  • Sewer line issues
  • Whistling or gurgling noises from the toilet – even when you have not flushed
  • Worn or broken valves
  • Old toilets (with rust, low pressure, irreparable problems, repeated clogs)

No matter the toilet trouble, Hoffmann Brothers plumbers have you covered. We handle it all. Our team of licensed toilet repair plumbers in Nashville can repair your toilet, plumbing, install a new toilet or replacement toilet or clean the drains in your home or business property.

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Clogged Toilet? Our Nashville Plumbers Can Help!

Why is my toilet not flushing? The most common answer is: You have a toilet clog. There are plenty of ways that may have happened, and they are not all caused by human waste. These are the ones your plunger just will not be able to fix and that require a call to the professionals. Common clogged toilet culprits include:

  • Dirty diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • “Flushable” wipes
  • Q-Tips
  • Tissues
  • Toys or that remote you have been looking for
  • Feminine products
  • Paper towels
  • Cotton
  • Hair
  • Floss
  • Gum
  • Pet waste (including “flushable kitty litter)
  • Bandages
  • Condoms
  • Age
  • Low pressure

Fact: Low-flow models clog more often – check the date stamp on the back. If it is from the mid-1990s, it may be a first-generation low-flow model that lacks the proper water pressure to flush waste through your pipes. Reduce your TP use and avoid ‘unflushable” items. If that does not work – it is time for an upgrade.

Tips on how to unclog a blocked toilet include more than merely using a plunger. You can check them out and try the DIY fixes but know when to call a toilet plumber in Nashville to avoid bigger problems or more extensive damage. That time comes when plunging, brushing, snaking, melting, or forcing a clog on your own has not done the trick. If you have hard water, calcification can cause clogs and requires a professional pipe flushing as well as a water softener installation to remedy the issue.

Toilet won’t flush, but not clogged? Our Nashville Toilet Repair Services are your solution. We’ve been serving local communities for over 40 years! Schedule your appointment today and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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Reliable Toilet Repair Services for Nashville Homes & Businesses

Did you know that a toilet leak can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day? When your toilet malfunctions, it is important to diagnose the issue as soon as possible to avoid a bigger one or further damage. There are plenty of troubleshooting and DIY fixes you can try to repair a toilet before you call in a professional, but it is also essential to know when it is time to call in a toilet repair plumber for reinforcements.

When you call Hoffmann Brothers, we will thoroughly inspect your toilet, plumbing, and all its parts for signs of wear and leaks, then repair or replace the appropriate parts accordingly.

Signs Your Toilet Needs Repairs

Signs Toilet Clogged - Hoffmann Brothers

Toilet Installation in Nashville – Toilet Replacement by Experts

Whether you need a toilet replacement due to wear and tear or damage or you are looking to update and upgrade your bathroom, Hoffmann Brothers can handle the toilet installation throughout Nashville. Two things to consider when thinking about replacing a toilet are these advantages: efficiency and cost savings. New toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush vs. the older models’ (those installed before 1994) 3.5 gallons per flush. So while your toilet could last 50 years if properly maintained, it may be worth the investment.

Other benefits of a new toilet include increased property value, improved water pressure and flow, and plumbing issue prevention (like overflow/backflow).

At Hoffmann Brothers, when we determine you need a toilet replacement, you can choose from our top-performance toilet inventory. A licensed plumber can install a new toilet and attach it to the existing plumbing in your Nashville home or business.

Toilet Repair Nashville, TN - Hoffmann Brothers Some of our inventory for Toilet Replacement includes:

American Standard Toilets:

Kohler Toilets:

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Nashville Toilet Installation Repair - Hoffmann Brothers Whether it’s a standard toilet flange repair, toilet flapper replacement, or the need for a new toilet installation and replacement, our licensed plumbers can quickly and efficiently get the job done right the first time.

Call Hoffmann Brothers at 615-515-3015 for all of your Nashville toilet repair, replacement, and new toilet installation needs today. We will have you back in business in no time at all!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet Installation and Repair

How Do You Fix Common Toilet Problems?

Some fixes to common toilet problems are:

  • Make sure there is not too much slack in the lift chain and adjust as needed.
  • Make sure the flapper is properly installed and does not need a toilet flapper replacement.
  • Check the fill tube in your tank for shifting or damage. If damaged, replace it.
  • Cracked toilet bowls mean you should call a plumber.
  • Use a plumbing snake to clean and clear a plumbing vent blockage.
  • Whistling tank: Replace toilet fill valve.
  • Unsteady tank: Needs toilet flange repair. Tighten flanges and/or insert shims between floor and base.
  • Ghost flushing means you have an internal leak – call a plumber!

How Do You Fix A Toilet Fill Valve That Keeps Running?

To fix a running toilet, sometimes the valve and gauge may just need to be cleaned. If that does not work, it needs to be replaced. Open the tank, press on the valve, then listen. If the water stops filling, you know you need a new valve.

How Long Does a Toilet Last?

Around 50 years if installed properly, well maintained, and gently used. Look for the date stamp on the back of your toilet to see how old yours is. Although, parts of the toilet may need to be repaired or replaced more often.

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