Winter Home Maintenance Essentials

Winter is coming, and she’s bringing 30 of your closest friends and family for that holiday party you throw every year. You know what that means: It’s time to get your home prepped and ready for the colder weather and a house full of guests; and we’re here to help!

Cold Weather Home Maintenance Tips

Whether your front door is going to turn into a revolving door for guests throughout the holiday season or not, it is a good practice to do the following every year to prepare your home for the change in weather. Here is a seasonal home maintenance checklist of a handful of specific things you can do to ensure your holidays are filled with nothing but warmth, happiness, and eggnog.

Home Maintenance St Louis Winter - Hoffmann Brothers

St. Louis winters can be rough, with a lot of temperature fluctuation that affects our health, our roads, and our home electrical and heating and cooling equipment. Perform and schedule your annual winter home maintenance, so you can spend more time trying new recipes for holiday cocktails and desserts and less time dealing with equipment malfunctioning and wreaking havoc on your home this year!

The entire team at Hoffmann Brothers wishes you a safe and wonderful holiday season!

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