Preparing a Wildwood Home for the Winter

Wildwood Heating Contractor Talks Maintenance

Cold temperatures are something that most Wildwood residents don’t want to think about as the summer winds down. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts another record cold winter for the Midwest. Skyrocketing fuel costs coupled with another polar vortex—means higher heating costs. Whether your Wildwood home’s heating system needs preventative maintenance or a furnace replacement, here’s what to know:

Go with a simple checkup.

If your home’s furnace malfunctioned, the previous season, a winter checkup is in order for safety purposes and to augment energy efficiency. Not to mention, a heating maintenance check up prepares your home’s heating system to whether the chilliest wintry days.


Heating systems need annual maintenance to uphold its performance, energy efficiency and safety. In other words, furnace and split-level heating systems lose 5% of its energy efficiency each year.

Determine if your Wildwood home needs a new heating system?

Answer yes or no the following questions:

Has the heating system been providing warmth without winter energy bills going up?

Has the heating system maintained an annual cleaning schedule?

Does the home’s furnace or boiler provide an annual fuel utilization efficiency of at least 80%?

Is the Wildwood’s home’s furnace, or boiler under 11 years of age?

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least three or more of questions, your Wildwood home most likely does not need a new heating system. However, if you answered ‘no’ to at least two questions, a replacement may be in order.

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Aging, heating systems lose their energy efficiency over 12 or more years. And if the heating system has a poor maintenance history, the energy efficiency will decrease dramatically.

Four basic factors determine whether to replace a furnace:

An aging furnace (11+plus years).

Annual fuel utilization efficiency. (The US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency mandate that heating systems provide at least 80 F AFUE).

A heating system showing inconsistent performance is often the warning sign that a replacement is imminent. If your energy bills were increasing last year, don’t expect them to decrease anytime soon.

Hire a heating contractor, who is licensed in Wildwood

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