Oakville: What Makes an Energy Savings Air Conditioner So Cool?

Most homeowners in Oakville, MO, prefer an air conditioner (AC) system, offering an energy savings and a cool indoor.  Yet, when it comes to shopping for an energy savings air conditioning unit, certain types and features of an AC appliance provide both chill temperatures and energy savings.  Hoffmann Brothers’ air conditioner contractor identifies which parts of an AC afford cool, energy savings.


Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) refers to how an air conditioning system uses energy in relation to how it outputs cool air.  Because there’s an energy loss factor in all AC units, the latest models render a very low waste factor.

Since 2006, air conditioner manufacturers are required by law to produce ACs with a 13 SEER minimum.  An Oakville air conditioning contractor states, “The higher the SEER, the greater the AC’s energy savings.”

Ductless mini split heat system

For flexible zoning in the summer and winter, ductless mini split systems are comprised of indoor zoning units. These area controlled systems allow Oakville, MO homeowners to cool rooms as needed, without wasting energy in rooms, where air conditioning is unnecessary.

Note that air conditioners configured to air ducts lose as much as 30% in energy consumption.

Air handler

In recent years, some Oakville, MO households have added air handlers to supplement cool air conditioning in certain rooms.  These air conditioners supply coolness with energy savings, because they cool rooms as needed and when needed.

In households with a new ventilation system, a variable speed- air handler makes the best money sense.  Call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011 to learn how and why.


Although noise does not have a lot to do with an air conditioning system’s efficiency, a quiet AC compliments a chilled, comfy atmosphere.

For the coolest and most cost efficient air conditioner, www.hoffmannbros.com/oakville, Hoffmann Brothers is synonymous with energy savings.

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