Explore Our St Louis and Nashville Area Specials

Save big with Hoffmann Brothers when you redeem our specials and coupons below. Please note the area and location for each special, as not all apply to both our St Louis and Nashville locations. We look forward to serving you!

St Louis Area Specials

Coupon for $60 off electrical panel safety installation in St. Louis
Coupon for free estimates on appliance installations and replacements in St. Louis Coupon for $200 Off Full electrical service in St. Louis including electrical panel and outdoor meter
Coupon for $100 Off panel replacement in St. Louis Coupon for $100 Off water heater installation in st. louis
Coupon for 10% off underground repairs in St. Louis Coupon for a FREE onsite sewer evaluation in St. Louis
$250 Off coupon for tankless water or water quallity installation in St Louis

Nashville Area Specials

$1000 off coupon for a complete hvac system installation $400 Off coupon for a water quality system installation in Nashville
Coupon for $500 Off Tankless Water Heater Installation in Nashville Tanked Water Installation in Nashville Coupon
Coupon for Exterior Sewer Repair or Replacement in Nashville Nashville Water Service Repair or Replacement Coupon
Coupon for Outdoor Faucet Installation in Nashville Coupon for St. Louis Air Scrubber Installation
Laundry Pro Installation in St. Louis Coupon Outdoor Electrical Meter in St. Louis Coupon

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