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Our Installation Process

Here’s what you can expect during an Installation call from our team at Hoffmann Brothers.

Hoffmann associate loading equipment into Hoffmann truck.


  • Cover floors in main traffic area
  • Wear shoe covers off main traffic areas
  • Park vehicles appropriately with customer’s permission
  • Walk through project with homeowner to verify installation instructions
  • Remove valuables from traffic areas
  • Bring in tools and equipment
  • Ensure 5-foot safety space to work area, free of children and/or pets
  • Identify key shut offs (gas, power, water)


  • Turn power off at panel
  • Turn gas off at equipment and/or meter
  • Disconnect gas, electrical, ducting, and venting from existing equipment
  • Remove equipment and related debris from work area
  • Clean floor and interior duct surfaces within reach
  • Plan installation strategy, including routing of vent pipes, gas lines, and electrical • Pinpoint any exit holes for cutting


Smart Light Installation - Hoffmann Brothers

  • Cut holes through exterior of home as needed, ensuring tidy and accurate cuts for optimum finished appearance and seal
  • Ensure cutting safety, clear of wires and pipes
  • Install vent piping with minimum grading of 1/4” per foot, and ensure that pipe is supported to meet code
  • Install combustion air intake piping making connections to furnace and exterior
  • Reconnect gas piping to new appliance ensuring that gas capacity and safety practices are not compromised in any way
  • Test all affected gas joints for leakage
  • Make duct connects for supply & return air plenums using 26 gauge sheet metal
  • Make electrical connections including switch near furnace and thermostatic control wiring
  • Install all accessories to company standards


  • Turn on gas and electricity to the system
  • Refire all gas appliances in the home
  • Test new equipment on all firing levels, minimum 10 minutes
  • Test thermostat operation on all different functions available
  • Walk through projects with customer, explaining function of new equipment


  • Sweep & wipe all work area
  • Remove all equipment and debris from site, including outside the home.
  • Replace valuables to their original locations
  • Remove protective floor coverings
  • Complete final site survey

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