EV home charging stations are a great option for electric vehicle owners who want the convenience of charging their vehicle at home instead of a public charging station. The licensed electricians at Hoffmann Brothers can help you determine the right EV home charger for your specific vehicle and needs, and provide a quick and safe installation.

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EV Home Charger Installation in Nashville

Are you considering installing an electric car charger for your home? Don’t spend time waiting at a charging station anymore—call Hoffmann Brothers for a quick, professional EV home charger installation in Nashville. Our licensed electricians will install the best EV charger for your budget and needs. With a home EV charger, you can enjoy the convenience of powering up your vehicle overnight and having a fully charged car ready to go when you are.

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Types of EV Chargers

There are three EV home charger levels:

EV Home Charger Installation Performed at a Residence in Nashville, TN

Level 1 EV Charger

These chargers are the standard for EVs, including a 120-volt outlet and a three-prong plug. You can use an outlet installed in your home to charge your car, but it will take several hours to charge fully.

Level 2 EV Charger

The Level 2 EV charger is the most common home EV charger. It requires the professional installation of a 240-volt outlet and a charging station. A level 2 EV charger is more powerful than level 1, meaning you can charge your car overnight.

Level 3 EV Charger

These chargers require industrial-grade electrical systems. They’re often found at public car charging stations and can fully charge your EV in under an hour.

Choosing the Best Home EV Charger

With so many home EV chargers on the market, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. Hoffmann Brothers will help you narrow your options based on your vehicle, needs, and budget to ensure you get the best charging station. No matter what you choose, you can expect thorough, professional work from our electricians.

Electric Car Charger for Home, Installed by Hoffmann Bros. Serving Tennessee.

EV Charger Installation for All Types of Vehicles

We install home EV charging stations in Nashville for all types of vehicles, including Tesla, Porsche, Nissan, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Kia, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Volvo, Honda, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and more.

Cost of Installing an EV Charger

The cost of your EV charger installation depends on the type of charger you choose. Although an EV home charger requires an upfront investment, charging your car at home is more cost and time-efficient in the long run than using public charging stations.

Home EV Charger Incentives 2023

You can receive a tax credit for installing your home EV charger. As part of the Inflation Reduction Act, the federal government now offers a tax credit of up to 30% of the total cost of purchasing and installing an EV home charging station, with a maximum credit of $1,000.

EV Charger Installation Process

EV Home Charging Station Installed by Hoffmann Electrician Near Nashville, TN

Hoffmann Brothers will ensure your EV home charger gets installed safely and accurately so you can get the fastest charge. When you book a home EV charger installation, one of our experienced Nashville electricians will perform the following steps:

  • We’ll help you determine the best EV charger based on your vehicle, budget, and needs.
  • Next, we’ll inspect the installation site to determine the best placement of the charging station and ensure it complies with all local permit and code requirements.
  • We’ll install a 50-amp or 100-amp, 240-volt circuit, and the charger.
  • After installation, we’ll test your new EV charging station to ensure proper function.

Hoffmann Brothers will work with you to determine the best options for your home car charging station and will provide detailed options so you can choose the best fit, location and accommodations for your home EV charging station.

Call the Bros For Fast, Reliable EV Home Charger Installation

As an EV owner, you no longer have to wait at a public charging station. Hoffmann Brothers can install your home EV charger quickly, so you can power up your vehicle while you sleep.

Our customers have trusted us in their homes for over 40 years. The same excellent service you receive from your HVAC and Plumbing departments you can expect from our Electrical department. To start your EV home charger installation today, call us at 615-515-3015 or schedule online!

Nashville EV Charger FAQs

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

The cost of electricity in the average U.S. household is around 16 cents per kW. You can multiply this by how many kW it takes to fully charge your car to find your cost per charge..

Can any electrician install a Tesla charger?

An electrician who is licensed and trained in installing EV home chargers can install a Tesla charger at your home.

Can I install my own EV charger?

We recommend having your EV charger installed by a licensed electrician. Hoffmann Brothers’ electricians are trained to assess your home’s electrical load, pull any necessary permits, and ensure proper and safe installation.

What is the difference between Level 1, 2, and 3 EV Chargers?

Level 1 EV chargers are the slowest to charge your vehicle, while Level 2 EV chargers can charge your vehicle overnight. Level 3 EV chargers are the fastest but are typically reserved for industrial-grade electrical systems.

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