Rebate Wise: Redeeming Ameren Missouri Rebates

The clock is ticking for Ameren Missouri customers to redeem the company’s heating and cooling rebates.Homeowners and participating air conditioning contractors need to submit all rebate applications prior to December 2015.

Brentwood Heating + Air Conditioning: How to Qualify for the Ameren Missouri Heating & Cooling Rebate Program


What types of heating and air conditioning (AC) systems qualify for the rebate?

Air conditioners with a gas or electric furnace, air source heat pumps with a gas furnace or a dual fuel heat pump or ground source heat pump all qualify for Ameren Missouri Heating & Cooling rebate program.

“If your home’s heating and AC system has a SEER rating of 12 or lower; or nine years old and older, it’s most likely wasting more energy than necessary. Ameren Missouri Heating & Cooling rebate program is a real deal for Missourian homeowners, approaching an HVAC upgrade,” suggests a technician of a heating and air conditioning company serving the Brentwood community.

It is noteworthy that residential air conditioners, sold since the beginning of 2006 have a minimum SEER of 13.

Who qualifies for the Ameren Missouri Heating & Cooling rebate program?

All Ameren Missouri residential electric accountholders, who reside in a single family home or residential property with four units or fewer, are eligible for the rebate. (That includes Brentwood homeowners too). The Ameren Missouri Heating & Cooling rebate program requires that the existing heating and air conditioner unit be operating at the time of the equipment upgrade.

“To address safety issues and energy efficiency, the Ameren Missouri rebate program also imposes a few installation stipulations. For instance, only HVAC contractors accustomed to installing the qualifying heating and cooling systems meet eligibility guidelines,” notes a heating and air conditioning contractor licensed in Kirkwood.

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What are other eligibility requirements of the Ameren rebate program?

The Ameren Missouri Heating & Cooling rebate program is giving residential customers an incentive to curtail energy costs. As a result, there is a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) benchmark for all air sourced heat pumps, central air conditioners and electric resistance furnaces.

What is the monetary value of Ameren Missouri Heating & Cooling rebate program?

Ameren’s rebates vary in savings, depending on the equipment replacement.

How can homeowners of Brentwood determine if they qualify for Ameren Missouri Heating & Cooling rebate?

For an accurate rebate assessment, Hoffmann Brothers heating and air conditioning contractors can determine if your home qualifies for the AmerenMissouri rebate.

Hoffmann Brothers has been installing energy compliant air conditioners, gas furnaces, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps over the last two decades in Brentwood MO.

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