St Charles Air Conditioner Care Tips

Following air conditioner care tips extends a home comfort system’s lifespan for more than 10 years.  However, neglect cuts an AC’s lifecycle significantly, stifling its efficiency by 5% for each year without maintenance. Regardless of the air conditioning unit’s brand name, improper care leads to a malfunctioning, energy consuming home comfort system. The following air conditioner care tips saves St Charles, MO homeowners the cost of replacing units.

Check the condensing unit.
The condensing unit, which is located outside has to breathe in order to draw in air. Examine the condensing unit, removing any leaves and other debris.

Air conditioner care tip: “To prevent electrocution and to maintain the electric components of the AC, never apply water or a hose on the unit,” warns a St Charles air conditioner contractor.

Schedule an annual check-up.
Annual air conditioner maintenance represent one of the most vital air conditioner care tips. The air conditioner is comparable to an engine in that it requires energy to run.  Using fossil fuels, electricity and refrigerants to cool the home, an AC parts loosen, becoming corroded and losing its energy efficiency.

Ignoring annual preventative maintenance leads to several setbacks. Primarily, improperly kept air conditioning systems inflate the monthly electricity bill. In order to accommodate for a lack of oil, cleaning and tweaking, an AC works harder to cool a St Charles home.

During an air conditioner check-up, a St Charles AC contractor checks several components, including: oiling motors, balancing refrigerant levels, filters, condenser coils, evaporator, electrical components, the thermostat and other parts of the air conditioning unit.

Change air filters.
A central air conditioner as filtration is the most basic component of the air conditioning system. Monthly air filter changes is one of the most important air conditioner care tips to assure the longevity of AC’s in St Charles, Missouri.

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