How to Be Cool and Smart on Air Conditioning Costs in Arnold?

AC Contractor Talks Customer Savings Tips


Do you know how to get the most out of your heating and cooling system to offset energy costs in the home? If you’re like most Arnold homeowners, it may seem impossible to manage these household expenses. Hoffmann Brothers, an air conditioning contractor serving the Arnold community, provides four easy strategies to cut energy costs this spring and summer.

  1. Manage energy costs all year round.

Households equipped with a programmable thermostat save as much as 15% more in annual energy costs than the Arnold household with a standard thermostat. For remote control, many programmable thermostats sync data work with a mobile phone technology. At Ameren, customers qualify for a rebate with an ENERGYSTAR-certified programmable thermostat investment.

  1. Keep the cooling system efficient.

Preventative maintenance is the second best solution for keeping the home’s comfort system, energy efficient. Because air conditioning systems are comprised of many numerous parts, these systems call for annual check ups to ensure safety and optimize energy consumption.

  1. Redeem the deals.

Air conditioning and heating house calls are not the type of services that are always available at a special price. At Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling, homeowners actualize a savings on 99.5% of all air conditioning house calls.

The air conditioning contractor serving the households of air conditioning contractor only prescribes AC replacements for safety purposes or to save a household’s annual energy bills.

“We don’t recommend any new AC or heating system unless it will save you money and keep your family safe. Not to mention, we keep our coupons prominently placed on our website for customers to redeem during the service call” reveals an employee.

  1. Subscribe to membership clubs.

Maintaining the heating and cooling system can sometimes be off putting for the Arnold household on a tight budget. Hoffmann Brothers varied cost service contracts eases those unexpected costs. Memberships start at $18.95 to $34 a month.

With Hoffmann Brothers heating and air conditioning service club, membership truly has its benefits.

“We pamper our service club members with preferred customer care. Because we value loyalty, we provide our service club members with first priority house call service,” comments an AC technician.

Compare these different service club membership levels.

About Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling services in Arnold: For almost four decades, Hoffmann Brothers has been repairing and installing HVAC systems in the following counties of Illinois and Missouri: Madison, St. Clair, St. Charles, Jefferson and St. Louis.

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