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Whether you’re looking for a gas water heater installation, electric water heater replacement or something beyond, Hoffmann Brothers makes sure to always do a thorough job on every single replacement. We will remove your old unit and dispose of it, install the new one and include all the necessary permits and parts to complete the replacement. With our installation costs, there are no hidden fees. We include everything in our price quotes including the water heater expansion tank.

Our Production Managers are extremely knowledgeable on water heater installations and can give you more information on choosing the right water heater for your home or business. We offer 40 and 50 gallon water heaters as well as other specialty sizes. Tankless water heaters are available as well.

We are able to service any brand water heaters including A.O Smith, Bradford White, State Select, and many more!

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Our Trusted Experts Are Available In Your Area Now!

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Common Water Heater Installation FAQs

What Should I Consider When Planning a Water Heater Installation?

• Size: For example, standard systems can hold 20-80 gallons of water.
• Fuel Type: (natural gas, propane, fuel oil, electricity)
• Energy efficiency
• Costs (purchasing, operating, savings)
• Code/laws for gas or electric water heater installation

What Happens to My Old Water Heater, When I Buy A New One?

A reputable and professional service provider will remove and dispose of your old water heater when installing your new water heater. Make sure they remove and dispose of your old water heater in the most environmentally friendly way, following all EPA standards and regulations.

Do You Offer Any Sort of Warranty or Guarantee For Your Work?

Reputable companies should offer a 6 year warranty on every standard State hot water heater installed. This warranty includes all the valves, supply lines, and other parts of the standard hot water heater. We service many different brands of water heaters/boilers like Navien.

Are There Any Rebates for Water Heater Installations Available?

There are usually rebate options for water heater replacements. Please ask our Production Managers for more information on current rebates that are available.