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Hoffmann Brothers offers various drain cleaning services and sewer solutions. When you have a sewer backup or a clogged drain, our plumbers and sewer experts can handle the problem. The last thing you want is sewage in your home and we can help address the issue right away

Our Drain Technicians are knowledgeable and trained in all areas of drain and sewer repairs. They can help you make the best-informed decision for your family whether that be sewer cleaning, repair or replacement.

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Our Trusted Experts Are Available In Your Area Now!

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Common Sewer FAQs

What is sewer pipe bursting (trenchless)?

Sewer line bursting uses a technology that allows pipes to be replaced without digging a trench and with little disruption to your yard. We dig two small entry point, weld the new sewer above ground so connections last longer and pull the new pipe through the old busting the old pipe and installing the new.

When do I need a camera inspection?

Drain and sewer line snakes can be used for many common drain line problems. Plumbing inspection cameras and video can identify drain lines that don’t function correctly because of poor installation and the use of substandard materials, drains lines that have cracked or deteriorated and restrict the flow in the drains, and clogs that are the result of grease, mineral, and debris buildup in drainage and sewage pipes.

Why does my sewer have a tree root problem?

Your outdoor sewage lines are the natural target of tree roots searching for moisture, due to the constant warm water vapor escaping from the pipes. Tree roots seek out openings, tiny cracks, and loose joints in your sewage pipes to spread into the pipes. Clay tile pipes are the most susceptible pipes, but newer PVC and concrete pipes can also be penetrated by tree roots.