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    Tony C.

    I’ve had a couple of visits from Hoffmann Brothers so far. These people are extremely professional, down-to-earth, and all-around hard workers. I’ve worked with both Mason and Henry, both of these individuals really make me never want to use any other company other than Hoffmann Brothers. The professionalism is unbeatable and would hire them in a heartbeat for my company… Look no further if you’re looking to get the job done right.

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Any type of HVAC repair you have, Hoffmann Brothers has the technicians to perform the repair. We have been servicing furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers and all other types of heating systems for over 40 years.

Our HVAC technicians are licensed, trained, and knowledgeable and ready to provide outstanding service for your heating repair needs.

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Common Heating Repair FAQs

My Furnace Won’t Kick On, What Next?

If you do find yourself shivering in the comfort of your home, you can try to win the fight with the furnace by troubleshooting on your own. Be sure to seek out a home furnace repair service provider if you are not trained to perform any of the troubleshooting techniques suggested. Above all, safety first.

My Thermostat Won’t Kick on the Furnace

Extreme temperatures, wonky wiring, or dust buildup can leave your thermostat not able to properly regulate the furnace’s heat. Here’s what to check first- check the batteries or try switching to AA lithium batteries instead of alkaline. Next, check to make sure your thermostat is on the “heating” setting and try moving the physical location of your thermostat away from drafts/sunlight to get a more accurate reading.

When is a Furnace Burning Smell Normal?

A burning smell from your furnace the first time you flip it on for the season is normal. Dust accumulates on the components of your heating system during its dormant seasons. When you switch the furnace into operation, the dust is scorched and the smell travels through your ductwork. Expect the burning smell to last for a couple of hours. One tip is to turn on your furnace on a mild day when you can open the windows.