Backflow Testing St Louis
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What Is Backflow in Plumbing?

Backflow is when water flows in an unwanted direction back through the plumbing pipes and into your home. Backflow prevention is important in maintaining high quality water because it aids in keeping out contaminants & pollution.

Backflow Testing With St Louis Area Plumbers

Our plumbers are certified to perform backflow testing on the water lines for your home. St Louis is requiring backflow prevention devices be tested on a yearly basis by a certified backflow tester. The backflow test that we perform is to help ensure your device is working properly to protect you and your family’s water from contaminants. Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing is certified and specializes in testing of backflow prevention devices of all sizes, brands, and applications.

If you have a backflow device on your home, you will usually get a letter from the city or county requiring the test to be performed once per year. When you get the letter in the mail, just call Hoffmann Brothers to schedule your backflow prevention test at (314) 664-3011.

Backflow Prevention St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers is certified to perform backflow testing in St Louis City and St Louis County. We can test different types of backflow systems including processed piping, lawn irrigation, and plumbing systems. Our plumbers will provide you with the appropriate paperwork needed by the city or county to pass the backflow preventer. If you have any questions regarding backflow testing or want to schedule your backflow test, call us at (314) 664-3011 or fill out a contact form today.