What’s Involved in a Kitchen Faucet Replacement?

Des Peres, MO Plumber Highlights Kitchen Fixture Repairs
It does not take a kitchen remodeling project to update a kitchen faucet. However, the faucet replacement necessitates a licensed plumber or someone with experience with water pipes and drains.
Kitchen faucet replacements are a common repair call when a water faucet deteriorates. Whether the kitchen faucet replacement is due to a faulty part or to complement a kitchen remodeling project, the fix entails several steps. Des Peres, MO, a municipality with strict clean water laws, mandates that licensed plumber administer repairs leading to the town’s water lines.
Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing Company identifies how to prepare and what to expect during a kitchen faucet replacement.

Preparing for a faucet replacement
1)    Select a water faucet in advance. For a straightforward installation, try to purchase a fixture replacement with a comparable design.
2)    Prior to the plumbing house call remove all items from underneath the sink.
3)    Sanitize the counter, where the faucet replacement will take place, scrubbing away any calcium, lime and other mineral deposits from the surface.

Here are some of the kitchen faucets that Hoffmann Brothers offers: here   If you don’t see what you are wanting, please call our offices at 314-664-3011 or you can purchase your own faucet and have our plumbers install it.

What the plumber does during the kitchen faucet replacement?
To start, kitchen faucet replacement or installation, the plumber will shut off the sink’s water supply.
Next, loosening the tube nut and other bolts, connected to the faucet, the plumber removes the kitchen faucet along with the remaining component of the plumbing.
Note: Depending on the kitchen faucet replacement, a new tube may or may not be necessary.
Then, before the technician mounts the new plumbing fixture, he or she will wipe away any water deposits.
Once the plumber affixes the new faucet to the kitchen water lines, he or she will test the fixture to make sure it is working properly.
In the final, step a technician tightens all connections.

For dependable, expedient kitchen faucet replacements in Des Peres, MO, call Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing at (314) 664-3011.

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