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Flu Prevention Facts and Tactics

Heating Contractor Prescribes Healthy IAQ Tips

Heating contractor: “In Brentwood MO, the autumn season emanates falling leaves, harvest time and the beginning of flu season. Resident heating and cooling specialist offers some words of advice on breathing healthy indoor air this fall.”

Facts on the flu: Seasonal reports show that the flu affects 5 to 20 percent of                   the U.S. population, annually. The contagious respiratory ailment lasts up to two      weeks, as documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                 (CDC).

5 Tactics to Avert the Flu In Brentwood MO

The following tips are rudimentary steps on flu prevention.


Ü Bacteria and germs thrive on surfaces for several hours. Clean hands after touching any public fixtures. For the best sanitation practices, lather hands for at least 30 seconds before rinsing in hot water.

Ü In the car, keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy.

Ü When family members, roommates and other occupants catch the flu, try to keep your distance for the first 48-hours, when the virus is most contagious.

Ü Use an antibacterial cleaner on surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom to eradicate microbes.

Some medical experts of the CDC recommend a flu vaccination for young children, starting at six months.

A clean indoor air quality plays a vital role in a healthy home environment. Various strains of influenza (the flu) have the ability to trigger other chronic ailments, such as dehydration, an ear or sinus infection or bacterial pneumonia.

Ü A flu vaccination isn’t the only approach on preventing contagious viruses spreading this winter season in Brentwood. Poor air circulation poses another factor to clean air quality. Airborne contaminants settle on many of the working parts of a Brentwood MO home’s heating system. Change the heating system’s filter every 30 days.

Why annual heating maintenance matters in Brentwood?

“We also advise annual preventative maintenance on the heating system. Our heating check ups provide three critical benefits: safety, clean indoor air quality and energy savings. During the warm months in Brentwood, MO when the heating system is dormant, debris collects on parts, clogging air paths and triggering allergic reactions,” declares a spokesperson of a heating company licensed in Brentwood.

Have a safe and healthy fall!

Let us help you breathe cleaner indoor air quality this season, when you dial (314) 664-3011 for a heating check up in Brentwood.

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