What to Look for When Hiring a Quality Heating System Contractor

Everyone expects a heating and air conditioning contractor to repair and help maintain their home’s heating system to perform with comfortable perfection. Yet, aside from a contractor’s license and credentials, there are other areas to consider when evaluating heating contractors for quality service. The most prevalently overlooked area in hiring a contractor includes bonded employees, discounts and years of expertise. Let’s review why these factors are paramount in selecting a qualified heating contractor in St. Clair County.

Bonded employees

The types of employees that a heating company hires reveal a great deal about its service quality. Are the employees licensed and bonded? Does the HVAC company conduct a background check on its employees?

“We invest a great deal of time and effort to hire the best of the best. For us, this means before any employee becomes a member of our team, we have their background checked to ensure the safety of our customers. Moreover, we require all of our employees to be drug tested. They must also be certified with the capacity to repair all types of heating and air conditioning systems,” discloses a representative of the St. Clair County heating contractor, Hoffmann Brothers.


Does the contractor make appointments convenient? Certain heating contractors in St. Clair County ask homeowners to block out a two to four hour window of time for the service call. This is often inconvenient for people who work out of the home. Hoffmann Brothers does not subscribe to this type of inconvenience. Hoffmann Brothers hires bonded employees which means that homeowners need not take off half a day of work or sit around waiting for the repair man.

“Just leave your key in a special place and we’ll enter your home to make the repair. Once the technician completes the service call, we’ll contact you to notify you that your heating system is up and running. And there’s no need to worry, we’ll secure your home, leaving everything clean and as it was,” shares a customer service representative of Hoffmann Brothers.


Another approach to identifying a quality HVAC contractor in St. Clair County is whether they offer a discount. While some heating contractors try to price gouge their customers, Hoffmann Brothers features coupons on their company website to reward their clients with smart discounts.

Visit Hoffmann Heating Coupon Page


The number of years of experience represents another consideration when hiring an HVAC contractor. Companies with a longstanding reputation are familiar with the local bylaws of St. Clair County. Consequently, these heating contractors will always make sure your heating system operates according to code, and understand the importance of leveraging your home’s energy savings.

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