What Are the Parts of a Heating and Cooling System?

Jefferson County HVAC Contractor Identifies Heating Systems


Your Jefferson County home’s heating and cooling system is comprised of several parts. Heat pumps condition both hot and warm air. The energy efficiency of a heat pump trumps the warmth created by a furnace, as it does not use fossil fuels. Instead, a heat pump produces hot or cold air via electricity.


Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Even though furnaces designed over 10 years ago are not as energy efficient as a heat pump, furnace manufacturers engineered improvements to concur with EPA and DOE guidelines. These regulations mandate that furnaces attain an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of at least 85.


What is AFUE? AFUE refers to how much energy output a furnace consumes in relationship to how much energy the heating system actually uses.


Homeowners of Jefferson County who have invested in heat pumps attain better energy savings than that of a conventional furnace.


For instance, Trane produces heat pump furnace matched systems. These highly efficient furnaces exert as little energy as possible to maintain a warm temperature.


Air Cleaners

Air cleaners help support a healthy indoor air quality, preventing the growth of airborne contaminants. Capturing dust, pollen, smoke and dander, air cleaners augment indoor air quality for asthmatic and allergy sufferers.


In Missouri, an assortment of heating and cooling appliances qualify for a state tax credit. Heat pumps, programmable thermostats, and certain high efficient furnaces apply for a tax incentive.


Read more about energy incentive in Jefferson County.

Managing energy efficiency and the home’s climate comfort, Jefferson residences control their home’s climate, cooling and warming as needed. Programmable thermostats give Jefferson County homeowners the autonomy to manage and control the home’s interior climate.


“When it comes to replacing or investing in new heating and cooling systems, the residents of Jefferson County have it easy. Hoffmann Brothers, the preferred HVAC company, recommends heating and cooling appliances designed to reduce your energy bills.


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