Tips to be More Green in 2013

Remember when going green was the catchphrase? These days it’s no longer about partaking in a short term trend, but about shrinking our carbon footprints, reducing energy consumption, and actualizing energy savings. Hoffmann Brothers provides a few simple changes that can help individuals be “green” in 2013.

Save on energy costs during the day when the home is vacant. reports that programmable thermostats help homes curtail energy expenses between 5 and 7 percent.

A dust laden air filter causes the heating system to work harder to provide heating and cooling. Replacing the home’s air filter every 25-30 days conserves energy consumption and can help reduce expenses.

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Preventative heating maintenance optimizes the performance of the system. HVAC maintenance entails an inspection of pilot lights, fan belts, connections and other parts, comprehensive cleaning and safety check, all of which can improve energy efficiency up to 15 percent.

An air handler, a ductless heating system and a geothermal heating and cooling system can provide energy savings. For example, a ductless heating system is ideal in the garage, solarium and small new additions in the home, the advantage is that it enables retrofitting minus the expense and time needed to install new ducts. During your HVAC inspection ask the heating contractor to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the air handler, a duct-less heating unit and a geothermal heating and cooling system to determine which would be most effective for your home.

Whatever your resolution is for 2013, Hoffmann Brothers can help you identify areas to curtail your energy costs.

We wish the residents of St. Louis County a Happy New Year.

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