Things to Know About Heat Pumps

If you’ve been researching alternatives to the standard heating and air conditioning system, you may have a few questions about heat pumps. From multitasking capabilities, energy efficiency, and few limitations, there are several facts you should know.

Are heat pumps really a cost effective investment in the home? Do heat pumps really double as air conditioning units? Among residential homeowners, an assortment of fallacies surround the heat pump. An understanding of the benefits and functions of the heat pump enables the savvy consumer to make an informed decision. The St. Louis HVAC contractor Hoffmann Brothers details a shortlist of facts.

Heat pumps release more than hot air. Producing both hot and cool air all year long, the heat pumps transfer heat outside in the summer and then extract heat from the outdoors during the winter. It is noteworthy to mention that when the temperatures fall below 35-degrees Fahrenheit, heat pumps are inoperable.

Consumers in the market for a new heating system should understand that heat pumps do not automatically warrant energy savings. The age of the home’s heating and air conditioning system, the type of heat pump, the winter climate, coupled with the current local and state rate of electricity determine how much a home can save with a heat pump.

What empowers the heat pumps energy efficient qualities is that it requires a low consumption of energy.

When comparing heat pump models, be sure to compare the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This measurement reflects how energy efficient the heat pump is, the higher the SEER the more efficient the heat pump.

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