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Ever wonder how generators keep your home lit and functioning during power outages? Well then, read on because this blog post is for you.

Standby generators always have at-the-ready backup power. They start working only seconds after power loss, with almost no attention from you.

Why do generators work so quickly?

They require no effort from you. When standby generators are professionally installed and have an automatic transfer switch, they can almost immediately tell when power stops flowing into your home. Then, they automatically transfer power to your standby system. This process is what allows you to have minimal power interruption. Once power is restored, your generator returns to standby mode and your home is transferred back to utility power. It’s always good to have your electrical system routinely checked so that it will work when you need it to!

How do generators provide so much power?

Generators provide power very similarly to the engine and alternator on your car. They generate energy from natural gas or liquid propane to convert into electricity for your home. Luckily, standby generators are nowhere near as noisy as your car engine or a portable generator! They’re encased in a weather-proof, sound-deadening, permanently anchored box outside your home. The transfer switch is the only part that remains inside, in direct contact with your home’s service panel.

Are generators right for St. Louis homes?

Thanks to inclement weather, natural disasters, and even sheer age of electrical grids, power outages are quite common in St. Louis. Even just recently, thousands of people lost power in Ladue and across St. Louis County. Standby generators offer powerful, permanent solutions to ensure your comfort and safety.

St. Louis Generator Installations

Let Hoffmann Brothers ensure that you always have power at your St. Louis home or business. We are the experts for all your electrical needs, from services to installs. Call us today at (314) 664-3011.

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