The Best Winter Survival Tactics for Fenton Residents

Some winter storms counter the greater comforts of cozy living. From a malfunctioning heating system, to a power outage, to icy laden roads, a reputable Fenton, MO HVAC contractor prescribes a handful of winter survival tactics.

Fenton MO Heating Contractor: Winter Survival Tactics

Practice proper storage and disposal.

Keep hazardous substances out of the proximity of heating elements (i.e. gas furnace, fireplace, electrical heater, radiator, et cetera). Batteries, households cleaners, paint, pesticides and other household products are considered hazardous in Fenton, MO. Further reading on hazardous household product disposal in the city of Fenton MO, >


Maintain the heating system.

“A check up of the furnace, boiler and components of the heater ensure winter safety and performance, while optimizing its energy efficiency,” says a lead HVAC contractor of Hoffmann Brothers.

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Most poorly maintained heating systems don’t have the capacity to weather extreme temperatures. This is only one reason to schedule an HVAC tune up. All heating systems, fed by gas, propane or other fossil fuels, require an annual check up for safety reasons, such as a gas leak, carbon monoxide poisoning or an explosion.

Always extinguish the fireplace prior to retiring for the night and never leave an unattended wood-burning fire.

Opt for a heating alternative.

In the event of a power outage, consider a contingency for heating the home and running electricity. A generator, a wood burning fireplace, or a propane space heating system are three alternative energy sources, necessitating extra care when in use.

“In the event of a burn, carbon monoxide poisoning or other chronic medical emergency, head to the closest medical facility (St. Clare Hospital, St Anthony’s Hospital, Missouri Baptist Hospital, or St John’s Mercy Hospital),” recommends a technician of the Fenton MO HVAC company.

For instance, when in operation, generators produce and release carbon monoxide. If you have to run the generator for heat and electricity, place it outdoors, where it has ample ventilation and air exposure.

Stash an emergency kit.

Set aside a large plastic bin or box of emergency staples: extra batteries, candles, flashlights, a crank radio, solar system, lighters, blankets, canned and dried food goods, water, sleeping bags, hand warmers, water sterilization and other supplies.

For additional resources, please visit FEMA at

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