St. Louis Heating and Cooling Contractor Gives Halloween Party Planning Tips

Halloween celebrations, St. Louis Rams parties, and other seasonal gatherings stand for the time of year to host indoor/outdoor gatherings with friends and family. St. Louis heating system and cooling contractor, Hoffmann Bros. prescribes the following itinerary for planning a party during the fall in the Counties of St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson:

Clear the air. If replacements have not been made within the last three months, change air filters.

>> Before the party:

Meal preparation. Allow the home to naturally cool off, run baked dishes in the oven well before guest arrivals. Try to grill food during the celebration to minimize heat build up and lingering food odors to improve indoor air quality.

Autumn, which begins September 23rd and ends on December 22nd, is the time of year to schedule a check up for the household’s heating system. From safety to energy conservation, do not defer heating system maintenance.

Illuminate ambiance. Replace incandescent light bulbs with colored compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), which happen to come in black, red, yellow, purple and other hues.

Make room for smokers. Set aside a designated place for cigarette smokers outside to congregate. Do not select an area close to the home’s heating system, as the smoke will make its way back indoors.

>> During the party.

On typically muggy days in St. Louis, where the humidity is high, yet the temperature is between 50 F and 65 F, power on the home’s fan system to assure for indoor air quality, extinguish stagnant air and diminish moisture.

Energy conservation. Soy candles highlight an element of ambiance while saving on energy. Space candles in the entranceway leading to the festivities. Solar powered candles represent another energy efficient substitute. Amid the Halloween party or other celebration, give the heating system a break, cracking windows open for ventilation.

Whether you’re planning a Halloween celebration or Rams football party, Hoffmann Brothers is always available to maintain your abode’s heating system.

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