St. Louis Heating and Cooling: Holiday Idea Checklist

In St. Louis County, Jefferson County and Madison County, IL among all the festivities of this time of year, several vital tactics complement the holiday season’s jolliness and warmth. St. Louis heating systems contractor Hoffmann Brothers reminds homeowners to add these items onto the holiday ideas checklist.

Bake safe.

Baking holiday cookies with the hearth oven crackling in the background is ambient and reminiscent of the season, as along as the home is not collecting an invisible poison, named carbon monoxide. Make sure the carbon monoxide detector is properly working, has not expired and contains updated batteries. Also, set the humidifier at the level recommended in the manufacturer’s instruction manual to reduce dry air. When the indoor environment consists of dry air, carbon monoxide coupled with poor ventilation, it is a recipe for combustion.

Reap tax rebates.

As many entitlement programs are susceptible to termination, 2011 may be the last time that the households of St. Louis County, Jefferson County, Madison County, households may qualify for tax rebates on ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. That means there’s four short weeks to invest in high efficiency appliances to qualify for a $500 tax rebate.

Only homeowners, who have not exhausted an energy credit tax rebate over the past decade, qualify for the tax incentive, lauded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE). Furnaces, heat pumps, tankless water heaters represent a small sampling of ENERGYT STAR appliances. Please click tax credit in St. Louis to read more.

Practice preventative care.

Replace filters on a monthly basis. Maximize the efficiency of the home’s heating system, by replacing filters every four to six-weeks. Clean filters enable the furnace to perform better.

Don’t defer annual heating maintenance and plumbing service, as today’s minor repairs morph into tomorrow’s major replacements. The worst time—to repair the home’s heating system or institute plumbing modifications, is during the height of the holiday season when the calendar is full and spending is at an all time high.

Economize on energy.

Set the thermostat five to seven degrees lower when the home is vacant for several hours. Consider reducing the home’s temperature during bedtime. Every degree—that the thermostat is reduced, represents a one-percent savings on the monthly utility bill.

Contact St. Louis heating systems experts.

Whether you reside in St. Louis County, Jefferson County, Madison County or St. Charles County, Hoffmann Brothers maintains indoor air comfort through our first-rate heating and cooling services.

Learn more about St. Louis heating systems and schedule your holiday maintenance.

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