Smart and Cool Air Conditioning Tips in St. Louis

Implementing energy savings comes in a variety of alternatives. Some St. Louis homeowners prefer to spend money now to curtail long-term energy costs.   Others prefer to cut expenses sooner rather than later. Hoffmann Brothers, an air conditioning contractor, offers these smart and cool air conditioning tips to the residents of St. Louis.

Actualize Energy Savings Now

Because St. Louis is predisposed to humidity, once the AC is not in use over the winter, it becomes a prime target for dust to collect. Consequently, the debris accumulation inhibits energy efficiency because the cooling system has to double its efforts to condition the home.

An air conditioning tune-up optimizes the performance of the cooling appliance. During an AC check up, an air conditioning contractor cleans the system to ensure a cool air and good indoor air quality. Air conditioning preventative maintenance also entails tightening loose components and checking parts for wear and tear.

Control Air Conditioning Temps

When the home is unoccupied, it is completely unnecessary to run the air conditioning system at full temperature. To reduce the energy expenses associated with cooling a St. Louis city home, invest in an EnergyStar-programmed thermostat.

The Department of Energy (DOE) reports that a programmable thermostat lowers energy costs by as much as 15% a year.

Recoup Future Savings and Returns on Air Conditioning

For the household with an air conditioner older than 10 years old, the best current and future energy saving comes with a new air conditioning system. Air conditioners, labeled with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating over 16, save as much as 35% of energy consumption.

Beat the summer rush. Schedule preventative maintenance for your

air conditioning with St. Louis City’s preferred contractor.

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