Jefferson County Household Care: Improve Indoor Air Quality

Jefferson County’s climate is prone to hot and muggy days, and older households that are susceptible to mold also suffer from unhealthy indoor air quality. In fact, a study funded by the Nation Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) found a link between homes with mold and child asthmatic sufferers. Indoor climates can be controlled to protect homeowners and their families and prevent mold growth.

Jefferson County’s premier heating and air conditioning company, Hoffmann Brothers, offers several tips for promoting healthy indoor air quality all year round.

Wipe vents with a natural compound of lemon oil and water to free dust build up.

Replace the air filter with a replacement on a regularly scheduled basis.

Check the basement, crawl spaces and other moist places around the home that are prone to develop mold. Mold killers can be purchased to help destroy all indications of mold.

Consider the benefits of an air purification system. The best air purification systems can kill 99.7 percent of all mold.

Does mold trigger medical symptoms?

According to the Environment Protection Agency, (EPA) mold does cause allergic reactions in some people. So if an individual who is sensitive to mold touches or inhales it, the allergic effects may include a runny nose, sneezing, a skin rash, red irritated eyes and respiratory inflammations.

Vacuum carpets and clean floors do eliminate fine particulate matter.

Schedule HVAC maintenance on a bi-annual basis to prevent malfunctions and improve indoor air quality.

Do not overlook moisture collecting around windows, pipes and walls. As condensation is a byproduct of humidity and will lead to mold and mildew when ignored.

Remember that mold proliferates in damp and moist environments. Make sure that all drain lines from the air conditioners are flowing without any obstructions or back ups. Jefferson County’s preferred heating and air conditioning contractor inspects every aspect of the home’s air conditioners to make sure that the AC units are running properly, efficiently and safely. Contact Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011 to schedule an inspection today.

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