Indoor Air Quality, Beating Mold at Its Sickly Source

A comfortable climate is not the only determinant that defines indoor air quality. The Counties of Jefferson, St. Charles, Madison, St. Clair and St Louis are predisposed to relatively high humidity, from May through September. This translates the potential for homes to be a breeding ground for mold. Yet even as mold is counterproductive to clean indoor air quality, a myriad of methods defend against the contaminant.

Investigate the source of mold. Mold is the byproduct of leaks, floods, sewage back ups and elevated humidity levels. Locate the source of the mold. Sometimes, a crawl space can emit moisture, triggering the growth of mold.

Amend any plumbing or drainage problems. If the cause to the mold is due to a leaky faucet, toilet or other sewage draining problems, consult a plumbing service contractor to diagnose and prescribe an effective solution. Also, after the problem has been rectified, remember to discard all items affected by the sewage backup or flood.

The Department of Missouri Health and Senior Services considers mold to be a “major source of concern related to health in the indoor environments.”


Eliminate household mold. Mold killing agents are available at home improvement stores in a spray bottle. The chemical compound is one cup of bleach and seven to 10-parts water. The mixture should be applied to the mold laden area. To avoid accidents, wear goggles and gloves. However, sanitizing mold only solves half the problem, as it perpetuates in environments where there is moisture.

Mold is also common in households, located in climates with high humidity levels such as St. Charles, Jefferson, St. Clair, Madison, and St Louis.

Consult a St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractor, specializing in indoor air quality. Clean air and adequate ventilation contribute to living and working in a healthy environment. As mold perpetuates in moist environments, an indoor air quality expert can usually trace the problem to inadequate ventilation.

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