HVAC Advice Corner: Why Is My New Split System Inefficient?

Fenton, MO heating and air conditioning contractor answers why a new heating and air conditioning system is not producing energy efficient warmth and cooling.

Greetings HVAC helper,


We have a brand new high efficient split-level system. Although it works fine, when we invested in the new heating system our objective was to reduce our energy costs by at least 20 percent.


We’ve had several different heating contractors inspect our system. All report that there’s nothing wrong with our new split-level system. Every contractor says the same thing: your heating system is working properly and precisely sized.


But, we have yet to see our energy bills dwindle. Any ideas?


A confused Fenton MO homeowner

Fenton HVAC Tells Why New Heating + AC’s May be Energy Efficient

Without making a heating repair call in Fenton, we cannot diagnose the exact problem. The issue may not be your new split-level system, as much as it due to leaky ductwork. It’s a common energy deficiency issue for US households.

We use Aeroseal over mastic tape to seal off leaky ductwork. Homeowners are seeing reduced monthly bills, acknowledges an HVAC contractor licensed in Jefferson County St. Louis County and Saint Charles County.

Aerosealing affords homeowners two resounding advantages. By sealing off air leaks, households recover as much as $800 a year in heating and air conditioning related energy costs while maintaining indoor comfort.

According to Brendan Reid, founder of Comfort Institute, a home performance training and research organization owned by Aeroseal LLC, “Even with a robust stock market, it’s hard to get anywhere near the return on investment that you can by aerosealing your home.”

Why is the aeroseal technology so effective?

Heating and cooling contractors attribute the effectiveness of the aerosol technology to its “inside out approach.” Unlike mastic tape and other ductwork tape, where the application is on the outside of the ductwork, aerosealing works from the inside out.

A heating and air conditioning technician applies the sealant on the inside of the ductwork, obstructing energy losses.

So, perhaps your next service call should be to check your home’s ductwork.

Hope it helps.

This article provided by Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning, Fenton, Missouri’s choice for reliable energy efficient HVAC service.

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