How Safety Influences Hiring a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor?

Safety and security are undervalued words for some homeowners in quest of a heating and air conditioning contractor in St. Louis. HVAC professionals are comparable to finding a good physician. Just as personal information is shared with a doctor, heating and air conditioning contractors gain full access to one’s home. Indeed with the need for annual HVAC check ups, this familiarity calls for a trusted specialist.

The chances of discontent and risk of hiring an independent contractor without a proper reference is as perilous as inviting a complete stranger to stay the night. Sometimes, homeowners try to cut corners by hiring independent contractors, referred by a neighbor or colleague. While the HVAC recommendation may come from a reliable source, remember to inquire how the referrer’s heating and air conditioning system was serviced.

For instance, changing a humidifier filter and adding a refrigerant to the condenser does not constitute the consummate professional. Even though, an independent heating and cooling technician may offer service at a lower price, there’s an overwhelming rate of risk.

It’s no secret that in an effort to curtail employee labor costs, some HVAC companies hire technicians, without running a background check.

Robert Hoffmann, the founder of Hoffmann Brothers, a St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractor, highlights the importance of hiring reputable heating and air conditioning staff. The company screens all its prospective employees. Once the background check shows a clean history, the heating and air conditioning specialist has to pass a substance abuse test. Moreover, Hoffmann Brothers provides its technicians with a continuing education to evolve with today’s energy efficient HVACs.


Only a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor holds the qualifications to repair, maintain and install HVAC appliances in the County of St. Louis. An unlicensed HVAC technician could do more harm than good, leaving the homeowner the added expense of the initial repair coupled with any damages. In a recent case, an illicit HVAC contractor left homeowners with more than $3000 of additional damages.


Hire a St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractor that conducts background checks and bonds its employees.


Only consider St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractors, who have a certificate of insurance. In the event the technician is injured on the premises, breaks a window or any other unforeseen incident in the household, a certificate of insurance protects the homeowner from the financial obligation, making the heating and air conditioning company liable for the incident.

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