Fitting the HVAC for Energy Savings

In terms of dollars and sense, an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system stretches the household budget, saving hundreds of dollars a year. Hoffmann Brothers, a St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractor– provides these HVAC energy savings, fitness tips.

Whether the occupants of the home are away on vacation or in a deep slumber, programmable thermostats have been shown to economize in annual energy costs.

Energy bills spike when a home’s climate is controlled by an unsuitably sized air conditioner. From the size of the AC to its air ducts, the right sizing impacts a heating and air conditioners system’s energy efficiency.

With the upgrade of an energy efficient, heating and air conditioning unit accompanies the need to replace the refrigerant lines. Inappropriately sized refrigerant lines impede the HVAC’s energy savings; particularly, on upgrades for heating and air conditioning systems with a 13 SEER or higher.

Heating and air conditioning systems manufactured more than a decade ago lack the energy efficiency of today’s HVAC systems. Austere HVAC regulations mandate that heating and air conditioning systems adhere to specific energy efficiency ratios (EER) and coefficient on performance (COPs).

Nonetheless, the household name for St. Louis heating and air conditioning, Hoffmann Brothers’ prescribes the precise replacement for heating and cooling the indoor environment without fueling excessive energy loads. website features a list of standards, brands and bylaws.

Finally, only one St. Louis heating and air conditioning contractor affords professional credentials and expertise fit to replace any sized HVAC system. Dial 314-664-3011 to get fit for an energy savings solution for your home.

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