Energy Savings Simplified in Saint Louis

How does the average household, where someone is always home improve energy savings without lowering the thermostat?

Most St. Louis residential property owners are aware that reducing indoor temperature is not the only approach to promote an energy savings in the home. Aside from replacing outmoded heating appliances (heat pumps, air handlers, furnaces, boilers, etc.), the occupied household can makes several energy savings enhancements.

Providing residents throughout Saint Louis quality heating and air conditioning service,Hoffmann Brothers recommends these energy saving suggestions.

Unplug it.

Visit each room of your home and unplug electrical goods that are not in constant use (i.e. blow dryer, blender, toaster). Even when these electronic devices are not in use, they consume phantom energy.

WOW: Energy Star reports indicate that replacing a 10+year-old washing machine is the equivalent to cutting $135 from the yearly electric bill.

Adjust blinds according to sun exposure.

On those sunny, bright days in St. Louis open the curtains and blinds, absorbing the natural heat radiance. As the sunlight fades away, retain the room’s heat by closing drapes and blinds.

Invest in a programmable thermostat.

These temperature control devices enable homeowners to conserve on energy costs when the home is vacant or occupants are asleep. EnergyStar.Gov shows energy studies portray that households curtail utility costs up to 10 percent a year.

Implement a biannual HVAC maintenance schedule.

Annual heating and cooling system check ups extend the lifecycle of your furnace. Equally as important is how bi-annual HVAC preventative maintenance complements energy efficiency. During an HVAC house call, Saint Louis heating experts inspect the system for corrosion, loose parts, as well as wear and tear. Subsequent to the HVAC check up, the HVAC contractor cleans and tweaks the heating system, ramping up its energy savings, performance.

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