Assuring Energy Savings this summer in Sunset Hills

“Sunset Hills ‘ residential property owners can oust those exorbitant energy costs by getting ahead of the season”, announces air conditioning contractor. Energy savings entails several basic tactics.

Air Conditioning care.

It’s not completely inconceivable that a non-serviced air conditioning system contributes to higher energy costs in the summer. The mechanics behind these extra energy loads are quite basic: air conditioners are comprised of many working parts. When these components are not cleaned or tuned up before the summer season, the air conditioning system works harder to cool the home.

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In contrast, Sunset Hills’ homeowners assure an energy savings with preventative maintenance for the air conditioning system. Preventative maintenance for the AC entails cleaning, testing and tweaking an air conditioner.

Draw darkness.

Scheduling preventative maintenance for the air conditioning system is not the only solution to curbing those summer cooling costs. During the day, adjust window dressings to block out sunlight exposure and heat. When the air conditioning unit recycles on, the room will conserve its chill, longer.

Complement energy savings.

Install a programmable thermostat to maximize energy savings. These climate control devices are generally programmed to accommodate the household during active times.

Quarter off spaces.

Close air vents in unoccupied rooms, accounting for less than a quarter of the home.

Consider other energy savings.

Program the climate. Consider air conditioning equipment that complements the humid summer climate in Sunset Hills. Some homeowners utilize a programmable thermostat to control their household’s temperature when the home is vacant. The ENERGY initiative developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deems specific brands of programmable thermostat to complement energy savings devices.

For more than 40 years, air conditioning contractor, Hoffmann Brothers has been helping residential and commercial property owners of Sunset Hills achieve energy savings.

Evaluate whether a geothermal heat pump will maximize your Sunset Hills’ home’s energy savings with a complimentary energy audit.

Redress the AC.

Every 30-days, replace the AC’s air-filter to preserve the life of the home’s air conditioner and complement energy savings.

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