Alton, IL Homeowners Poison Prevention Tips

Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor Offers Poison-Free Tips

In Alton, Illinois, March 16th through 22nd is National Poison Prevention Week.

“In our line of business, we witness potential poisonous situations all the time. Lead exposure, unhealthy indoor air quality (IAQ) and carbon monoxide poisoning represent some of the toxic elements that some residents of Alton Illinois are vulnerable to,” explains a heating and air conditioning contractor of Alton, IL.

Hoffmann Brothers, heating and air conditioning company recognizes National Poison Prevention Week with the following facts and tips.

The U.S. federal government documents some 2 million poisoning reports each year across the nation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that most child poisonings happen under a parent or adult guardian’s watch.

How to prevent and respond to child poisoning incident?

Other Poisonous Situations in the Alton Home

Carbon monoxide poison is another attributing element in poisoning. Be sure to check carbon monoxide poison detectors each month, as batteries may go bad without any warning.

“Because carbon monoxide poison is invisible and prone to leaking from furnaces, water heaters, and other fuel dependent appliances, an annual heating and air conditioning service call safeguards against carbon monoxide poisoning,” recommends a technician who has worked for Alton’s preferred heating and air conditioning company for more than 10 years.

When children have been exposed to poisonous fumes, immediately move them outdoors into fresh air.

Also, changing the heating and cooling system’s filters helps improve healthy indoor air quality,” concludes a representative of Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling.

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