5-Energy Savings Strategies endorsed by a St. Louis Heating and Cooling Company

St. Louis heating and cooling company, Hoffmann Brothers prescribes a slew of energy savings approaches to curtail household expenses for homeowners of St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles. Energy savingsin the home adds up to more money in the wallet and proves environmentally conducive for the planet.

HVAC maintenance.

For optimum energy savings, schedule bi-annual check-ups for the home’s heating and cooling system.  With regular maintenance, households in Jefferson County, St. Louis County and St. Charles County have the ability to detect any operational problems before they become extortionate, thus preserving the life of the heating and cooling system.

Illuminate with efficiency.

Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLS) as these light sources t consume less electricity than conventional ones. Compact fluorescent light bulbs outshine incandescent light bulbs, when properly used. Moreover, CFLs are practical in rooms where iridescence is needed for more than four hours at a time, as the longer a CFL is on–the better it works to afford an increased energy savings.

Hoffmann Brothers, St. Louis heating and cooling company, recommends that homeowners replace standard thermostats with programmable thermostats to optimize energy savings.

Make frequent air filter replacements.

Air filter replacements, every 30 days—have the ability to improve the life of a household’s HVAC system and reduce its daily load. In other words, this efficiency translates into a nominal monthly savings on the energy bill.

Leave electronics unplugged.

Make it a habit to unplug any unused electrical appliances or fixtures, as these components act as invisible energy zappers even when powered off.

This includes appliances, such as the coffeemaker, toaster, or any other electronic equipment that is not in perpetual use.

Turndown the thermostat’s temperature.

When the home is unoccupied, reduce the temperature two to five degrees as this economizes on the heating and cooling bill. (Estimate a one percent savings for every degree the thermostat is reduced).

Contact Hoffmann Brothers, a local St. Louis Heating and cooling contractor to explore existing tax incentives for geothermal heat pumps and other approaches to energy savings in the home.

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