Which Heater Noises are an Alarm for a Service Call?

Ballwin Heating Contractor Sounds Off on Heater Noises

As winter winds down and spring moves in, some Ballwin homeowners may be tempted to defer scheduling maintenance for a noisy heating system. However, some noises and rumbles cannot wait until next season for a check up.

Although older heating systems emit louder noises than today’s finely tuned heating systems, certain sounds indicate danger, energy losses or the potential for a replacement. If you’re hearing any of the aforementioned sounds from the furnace, boiler, heat pump or other heating system, a service call is necessary.

The most common sounds necessitate a heater repair service call.

A raucous thumping and clanking noise generally suggests that there is a loose part in the heating system. Usually, the problem stems from a malfunctioning air handler, where the blower motor fan belt is damaged or the fan blade is bent. This is a risky malfunction to overlook as it could affect the cooling system too, causing the HVAC to shutdown completely.

A clicking sound during the start up is another serious sound, requiring immediate attention. The sharp sound of switching means different things to various heating systems. On a heat pump, the sound is a warning that the start capacitor is on the fritz, triggering the heat pumps motor to ultimately stall out completely. For a gas furnace, the sound suggests that there could be a fissure in the heat exchanger, which is a serious problem that can turn into a health risk from carbon monoxide leaking.

In a gas furnace, this is sometimes a warning that there is a crack in the heat exchanger, which is a serious problem that can turn into a health risk from carbon monoxide leaking.

On a gas furnace a booming sound is associated with an accumulation of debris around the burner. On a furnace, an orange-yellowish flame usually follows the rumbling sound. The problem if not repaired ultimately obstructs the gas jets from igniting.

When a rumbling noise emits from a boiler, it can be one of two problems: clogged gas jets or a broken mixing valve. Either way, a heating service call is imminent.

When the furnace and heat pump make a squealing or groaning noise, it indicates that the motor is on the verge of a breakdown unless it is repaired soon.

Schedule a repair at (314) 664-3011 before any of these problems turn into the need for a heating system replacement.

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