What to Check When the Furnace Fails to Stay On?

Diagnosing a Faulty Furnace in Chesterfield, MO



As meteorologists have dubbed this year’s extremely cold temperatures a ‘polar vortex’, it’s no time for the furnace to have a meltdown. So what does it mean if the furnace is making a noise and won’t remain powered on? Chesterfield Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling company diagnoses the symptoms of a furnace that refuses to stay on.


Menacing Noises of a Faulty Furnace

Before the furnace goes out, it often makes noises portending a malfunction. Squeaks and squeals are symptomatic of a slipping, worn or loose fan belt. When the furnace releases a grinding sound, the noise is often a sign that your bearings are deteriorating, and calling for maintenance. There also could be something stuck in the air ducts, if a banging noise resonates from the furnace.


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How to Diagnose a Furnace that Won’t Stay On?

First, check the obvious causes for the furnace not to be working. Make sure the switch connected to the furnace is powered on. Then, check circuit breakers to see if any have been tripped or blown.


If this information is accurate, turn on the fan button. If the furnace’s ignition is unable to maintain a pilot light, the problem could be related to the fan motor or ignition.


If the pilot light flame is off, try to reignite it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


When the drain lines of the furnace become clogged with dust, debris or even mold, this blockage automatically kicks the furnace off.


Also, note that if your furnace’s pilot light will not stay on it could be due to a loose door. (Follow the safety guidelines outlined in the furnace owner’s manual).


Otherwise, schedule repair with a heating contractor licensed in Chesterfield.


If the furnace is unable to warm your Chesterfield home, makes noises, or is unable to keep a pilot light on, call the trusted professionals anytime at (314) 664-3011.




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