What Does Preventative Maintenance Entail?

Webster Groves, MO Heating Contractor Reveals the Check up Short List


It’s a common misnomer among many Webster Groves, MO homeowners that preventative maintenance is unnecessary. Preventative maintenance determines how your heating system operates and how efficiently it produces warmth. Review these notes pertaining to preventative maintenance


What does a heating contractor inspect during the preventative maintenance?

An in-depth preventative inspection involves the following tasks:


Proper maintenance begins by a qualified and licensed heating contractor. During the heating inspection, the technician examines the furnace, belts and motors, as well as pressure, flue piping, heat exchanger and all other connections of the heating system.


“Many homeowners of Webster Groves, MO schedule preventative maintenance sometime around daylight savings time,” shares one of the heating contractors of Webster Groves.



Dust and dirt accumulation embodies a heating system’s worst enemy. As a result, preventative maintenance is a critical factor for a safe and energy efficient heating system. A technician will check all components to assure that the heater is operating safely.


Is gas leaking from the furnace?

A cracked heat exchanger and dirty burner can turn into a serious hazard, fire, combustion or even carbon monoxide poisoning.


Are any parts of the furnace and heater showing signs of wear and tear?

Is the heat exchanger cracked? When parts loosen on the heating system or go ignored these components ultimately morph into expensive replacements and potentially dangerous outcomes over time.


Are the parts of the heating system adequately lubricated?

When the moving parts of a heating system are inadequately lubricated, this excessive friction causes the working parts to consume additional electricity.


“To stretch the life of a heating system and maximize the furnaces energy use, change air filters at least every 30 days,” advises a technician of Webster Groves.


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