St. Louis County: Autumn Cleaning Checklist

Shortly after Labor Day and after school is back in session, it’s time to clear up the backyard, in preparation for the fall and winter months in St. Louis. The autumn cleaning checklist can be broken up over several days, and divided into two segments.

1) Before trees shed their leaves

Prune bushes, perennials and other landscaping.

De-clutter the garage.

Sort through objects stored in the garage. Create three different piles: donations, recycling, and refuse. Also include giveaway items that are still in good condition, recycled paper cans, and plastic products.

Reorganize shelves and storage bins according to the contents, placing like similar objects together. Store away any seasonal furnishings that are not weather resistant.

2) After the trees are almost bare

Hire someone to rake leaves or do it yourself.

Schedule maintenance on the heating system equipment. An unkept heater equals higher monthly energy bills and a malfunctioning system. Moreover, in St. Louis County, preventative maintenance also promotes healthy indoor air quality.

Give the kitchen a deep clean.

Well past the surface of the kitchen counter tops and reorganizing cupboards, three major appliances need a little tender loving care. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher consume the greatest energy in the kitchen. These major appliances call for annual maintenance to reduce the cost of having to replace them.

Extend the life of the heating system by swapping out air filters every 30 days, recommends St. Louis County heating specialist, Hoffmann Brothers.

Be sure to review the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance care. For ovens and stove that have been improperly managed, the self-cleaning option may not be safest cleaning approach. Rather an over the counter cleaner may be a better option.

Clear gutters of debris and leaves.

Bring hoses indoors.

Start planning for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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