How to Void an HVAC Warranty

You’re not alone if you’ve made some warranty mistakes in your life. Did you fail to purchase AppleCare for your MacBook, which wouldn’t hold a charge on day 366? Did you buy a comprehensive plan for your Barnes and Noble Nook and decide to upgrade to a Kindle Fire HD after only six months?

Designed to protect valuable purchases, a warranty can fail to meet your expectations. Here are the steps to protect your HVAC investment and ensure your warranty coverage.

Step 1: Install the equipment properly.

This step is intended for the HVAC contractor. A manufacturer will only accept a warranty claim for properly installed equipment. As a St. Clair County homeowner, correct installation is also in your best interest, like a parent who wants to give his child the best possible start in life. Your role is to choose a licensed HVAC company with years of experience installing your particular type of equipment.

Step 2: Register the warranty.

Your new HVAC system is installed and fired up. It’s tempting to sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfortable temperatures in your home. Before you put your feet up, ask your installer about your role in securing and maintaining the warranty. There may be registration paperwork to fill out, an online form to complete, or simply records to store for future convenience and speed in a warranty claim.

Step 3: Use consistent parts.

Third party replacement parts for repairs might tempt you with a lower price tag. But original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are both thoroughly tested for compatibility and often necessary to maintain your warranty. You want to avoid a warranty claim denial or equipment malfunction due to an off-brand substitution.

Step 4: Schedule preventative maintenance visits.

An annual service visit for your St. Clair County heating and cooling system can prevent issues and correct small problems before they become costly repairs. These tune-ups are vital for efficiency and equipment longevity. Many manufacturers require preventative maintenance proof in a warranty claim.

Even after following these steps perfectly, some warranty terms and conditions can fail you. Some St. Clair County installers refer you to the manufacturer for any issues. Some manufacturers cover limited repairs and minor parts.

Hoffmann Brothers is different. Our six-feature comprehensive warranty is included in every HVAC purchase, installation, and repair. Call (314) 664-3011 in St. Clair County for a contractor who demystifies the warranty fine print. Read more on our website at

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