Heated Questions on Heating System Maintenance

Yearly heating system maintenance is as vital as an annual physician check up. With the humid days of summer winding down, many homeowners are eager to give the air conditioning system a break. But powering down the homes’ cooling system is an indication of the change in seasons and a time to schedule an evaluation of the home’s heating system. In St. Louis County Hoffmann Brothers, a name merely synonymous with residential HVAC repairs and replacements, answers five heated questions regarding heating system maintenance and installations.
What exactly does heating system maintenance entail?
During the maintenance of the furnace, boiler and other heating systems, a heating and cooling contractor conducts a series of tests to ensure for energy efficiency and safety. HVAC contractors also check for leaks, loose coils and corroded valves. Click heating maintenance to read more details.

Detection of mold, standing water or debris—is an indication that an HVAC system maybe faulty.

During heating system maintenance check up, if an HVAC contractor determines that a furnace replacement is imminent, how soon should the installment take place?

Although immediate repairs are generally advisable, always request a written bid quote. An installment should be scheduled as soon as possible to prevent further damage and disrepair. Do a little homework to learn what you’re buying.

What qualifications denote whether an HVAC is an ethical provider?
Hire an HVAC contractor, holding a current affiliation with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Prior to hiring an HVAC contractor verify referrals and recommendations. Cross reference the heating and cooling company on the Better Business Bureau website and with the state of Missouri Attorney General’s office for complaints or judgments. License and bonding are other qualifications.

Should I call a heating and cooling contractor if I need to change the filter?
No, filter changes are not a standard part of heating system maintenance. It depends on the homeowners’ association. Some residential property managers replace filters for residents. Nevertheless, replace a dusty filter with a new one at least every five-weeks. Also, refer to the user’s guide to follow other maintenance instructions as outlined by the manufacturer of the HVAC system.

My homeowners association employs maintenance workers. My neighbor said that I could have one of our building custodians install a furnace to save money on my new heating system. Are furnaces really easy to install?
The installation of any furnace calls for the expertise of a licensed HVAC mechanical contractor. Unlike building custodians, heating and cooling contractors undergo in depth training, certification and licensing to install, repair, and provide heating system maintenance. Click on St. Louis Heating and cooling to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system.

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