Cheap, Fast, and Easy Ways to Save Money on Heating

The holiday season is upon us in Richmond Heights, MO. Some of the most treasured gifts are the least expensive. Consider a cozy scarf knitted by Grandma or a black and white photo of your newlywed home framed by your husband. Other memorable gifts involve time. Take a break with family and friends to listen to carolers, look at light displays, and catch up at lively holiday parties.

Here are some inexpensive ways to save money on heating this winter, like treasured DIY gifts. They’re also quick to implement, so you can get back to spending time with those who matter most.

Program your thermostat.
Every degree cooler over an eight-hour period saves you a percentage point in energy costs. Take full advantage of holiday travel and days out shopping to lower your thermostat and save utility dollars.

Seal air leaks and clear your registers.
Ductwork air leaks can account for a 30% efficiency loss. Windows and doorframes are other draft culprits. Besides sealing leaks, keep your vents free of extra furniture pulled out for guests and wrapped presents. You’ll ensure consistent warm air supply and cold air return to your registers.

Change your air filter.
A dirty air filter causes your furnace to work too hard and compromises airflow. Changing your furnace filter regularly ensures a long life expectancy for your Richmond Heights, MO heating equipment.

Wear warmer clothes.
Adopt a warmer indoor wardrobe in the winter. Your family will stay cozy at a lower thermostat setting.

Light a fire or close the damper.
A fire supplies more than ambiance. It also warms your Richmond Heights, MO home. When not in use, close the damper. The damper is like another window in your home through which warm air can escape.

Open or close your window shades strategically.
On sunny day, take full advantage of natural and free solar heat. The sun warms your home, the thermostat reads a higher indoor temperature, and your furnace won’t need to operate as frequently. At night, close the shades as an extra layer of insulation.

Run your ceiling fans clockwise.
The reverse setting on your ceiling fan motor distributes warm air near the ceiling down to your living space.

After you implement these inexpensive tips to save money on heating, call (314) 664-3011 in Richmond Heights, MO for even more ways to save. Hoffmann Brothers certified contractors can help you evaluate the return on investment from larger projects like whole home humidifiers and zoned heating systems. Visit our website for more information and check out our money saving coupons!

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