Autumn, the Season for Heating System Maintenance

Autumn presents the time of year to make sure the home’s heating system is ready for any impetuous changes in the climate. An efficient performing heating system assures both energy conservation and safety.  Even more noteworthy is that maintenance neglect leads to costly repairs as well as heating and cooling replacements.

Evaluating the heating system requires the expertise of a licensed heating and cooling contractor. An ideal HVAC contractor is a member of American Society of Heating and Refrigerating Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). As the science of heating and cooling is in perpetual evolution, a contractor, affiliated with ASHRAE possesses the aptitude to integrate the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for energy savings and indoor comfort.

Improper care of the home’s heating system can be downright hazardous. From, a cracked heat exchanger, burner combustion to leaking oil or gas connections, the home’s heating system is comprised of too many parts to attempt to did it oneself.

When comparing contractor quotes, remember to check each St. Louis heating and cooling company’s credentials, license, certificate of insurance, references, and the Missouri attorney general’s office or Better Business Bureau ( for complaints.

St. Louis heating and cooling company, Hoffmann Brothers shares seven crucial aspects of heating system inspection and maintenance:

As the aforementioned tasks are not intended for homeowners to do-it-themselves, changing the filter on a monthly basis preserves the life of a household’s heating system.

Please click: “heating system maintenance,” if you live in St Louis County, St. Charles County or Jefferson County.

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