Are there any benefits to having an older furnace?

What does a culture obsessed with anti-aging think about an older furnace? An older furnace is not quite as visible as additional candles on the birthday cake, as ominous as a looming milestone birthday, or as treasured as a vintage car. But there are in fact some benefits to owning an older furnace. Here’s a look at the pros of owning an older furnace.

You Reaped a Great Return on Investment.

If your University City, MO furnace is over 10 years old, you reaped the full benefit of your heating investment. The average life expectancy of a forced air gas-fired furnace is 12 to 15 years. After a decade, it’s time to shop for a new one.

The good news is your older furnace didn’t fail prematurely. Hopefully, you only paid for annual preventative maintenance and minimal repairs over its lifespan. You also avoided any air conditioner upgrades due to the parts your cooling system shares in common with your furnace.

You Developed a Preventative Maintenance Habit.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. After 10 years with your older furnace, you likely got in a routine of annual preventative maintenance. Your maintenance appointments ensured a long life out of your older furnace.

This habit will serve you well for your next heating unit. The contractor who performed the preventative maintenance can be a trusted source to help you select the right replacement. After all, your technician got to know your University City, MO home and comfort levels well.

You only have Room for Improvement.

You’re in for an innovation treat. Older furnaces are less efficient than the newer makes and models. While you will take a hit financially when you buy a replacement furnace, you’ll pay less in your month-to-month utility bills.

In fact, the attractive accessories available for replacement furnaces surprise many University City, MO homeowners as much as the improved efficiency. Today’s technology includes wireless thermostats, humidity controllers, air cleaners, and zoned heating systems. Think of old furnace owners as flip phone users upgrading to an iPhone 6.

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