Why Preventative Maintenance Matters in Affton?

If you live in Affton, MO, you may be wondering if preventative maintenance or a tune up on your air conditioner (AC) is really necessary. From household safety, saving monthly energy costs to cool the home to the expense of replacing the air-conditioning system

To ensure maximum energy use, an air-conditioning system’s fan motor and blowers need an inspection. An AC contractor will tweak the fan motors and blower to improve energy conservation by as much as 15%.

Save money on your next AC house call in Affton.

Improperly lubricated parts represent another energy zapper on an air conditioner. Friction triggers energy spikes. An air conditioner contractor will lubricate the bearings and other moving components to improve the AC’s performance and energy conservation.

When the air conditioner’s coils are embedded with dirt, this cause the AC to run for extended periods of time, hence inflating the monthly energy bill and accelerating the cooling systems replacement life cycle.

An Affton AC contractor will examine interior and exterior cooling coils that can cause and AC to work harder than necessary. After the air conditioner, technician does not find any signs of wear and tear, the coils are thoroughly cleaned to improve energy efficiency.

The condensate drains has to be cleared to prevent water damage, mold and unmanageable indoor humidity levels. During the AC tune up, the air-conditioning contractor releases any debris accumulation in the primary and secondary condensate drains.

Certain components of the air conditioner can influence its safety and performance. Preventative maintenance on the AC also entails tightening electrical connections and examining its electrical wiring connections for safety. Not to mention, this extends the life of the cooling systems.

Trim your Affton household’s energy costs this summer, when you schedule preventative maintenance on your AC. Please dial (314) 664-3011 for first-rate air-conditioning service in Affton, MO.

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