St. Louis Summer Safety Tips

The good times of summer in St. Louis also heed safety tips and precautions.

Hoffmann Brother’s heating and cooling contractor offers outdoor summer safety tips.


Remove outdoor tripping hazards, branches, and other items that do not belong on the lawn. Relocate ladders and other yard equipment to an area away from where children and adults will be congregating.


Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling has been serving the communities of St. Louis for more than 4 decades.


Relocate emergency equipment such as the generator in a safe place, according to the manual’s instructions.


Store propane, diesel, and other gas fuels in a shelter, cool space outside of the home and garage. If a fire should break out in the home, the fuels are highly conflagrant.


Each year, improperly detonated pyrotechnics cost St. Louis homeowners millions of dollars in property damage. Shoot legal fireworks at least 100 feet from residential properties in St. Louis County and according to the municipal codes of the township where you reside.


The U.S. Fire Administration reports that food preparation is a hot bed for fires. Never move any outdoor grill indoors, as the carbon monoxide levels could prove lethal. Store a fire extinguisher in close proximity of the grill for contained fires only.


Remove debris from the condenser. Provide guests with side table to discourage them from using the air conditioner’s condenser as a table.


Keep torches, candles, and other flammable lighting in a safe distance from walkways and high traffic areas.


Position fire pits and other open fires at least 12 feet from the property but away from towering trees and bushes. For safety, always extinguish any lingering flames or coal before, leaving a fire pit unattended for the evening.


Quarter off sloping backyards to prevent falls and other accidents. Place signs where sidewalks and pavement is an uneven surface.


Hoffmann Brothers wishes the homeowners of St. Louis County a safe and fun summer.

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