St. Louis Air Conditioning Contractor Identifies the Qualities of ‘Reliable Cooling’

As for reliable cooling, Hoffmann Brothers, an air conditioning contractor serving the communities of St. Louis, recommend one brand. “Even though we fix all brands of air conditioners, we only install American Standard Air Conditioners,” discloses a representative of the premier HVAC contractor. Because these home comfort systems don the profile of an energy efficient cooling machine, consider these six features when shopping for a new AC.

A spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers St. Louis air conditioning division says, “As St.

Louis is predisposed to a muggy summer climate, an air conditioner should possess the following qualities:”

Energy Savings

Households in the market for a new air conditioning unit in St. Louis should consider systems that lower energy usage by a minimum of 20%. For instance, American Standard Silver Series SI Air Conditioner improves cooling usage by as much as 38%.”

Environmentally Suitable Refrigerant

Some air conditioning units use refrigerants, such as R-22. The refrigerant was banned several years ago in St. Louis. As a result, make sure you’re buying an AC that uses the proper refrigerant.


A quiet variable speed fan motor evenly distributes coolness, throughout the home.

Quality Materials

Coils and compressors, made of aluminum, have been found to cool efficiently. Take the air conditioners by American Standard. The manufacturer’s units are engineered with its trademark, ‘all-aluminum Duration coil and durable Duration compressor’.


Rust Resistant

The outdoor unit should have rust resistant coating. Exterior elements tend to deteriorate an AC unit’s components, such as the baseman screws and grill. “In St. Louis, Air Conditioners by the American Standard have the capacity to quell humidity, cool the air, and afford energy efficiency all at once,” endorses on air conditioner technician.


An air conditioner should meet the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) basic seasonal energy efficient ratios (SEER). These are outlined in the ENERGY STAR Program.

St. Louis air conditioning shop tip: Consider air conditioners with a minimum of 13 SEER,

as this ensures that the system meets minimum cooling standards.

A contractor of the St. Louis air conditioning firm says, “America Standard air conditioners comply with all SEER specifications and refrigerants. This means that we can recommend these air conditioners with the complete confidence that our clients are buying the most energy efficient product on the market.”

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