Ladue Cooling Contractor Gives AC Replacement Advice

When to Replace the Home’s Cooling System? When is it time to a Ladue homeowners to make an AC replacement? What are the warning signs of an imminent air conditioner replacement? A St Louis area AC Contractor Contractor, Hoffmann Brothers highlights the warning signs of an AC replacement.

According to, July is the warmest month of the year in Ladue, MO. Although air-conditioning manuals outline how and when to maintain an AC, none tell when an AC replacement is in order.

Age is one of the common factors with an air conditioning replacement. Ten years is the average time span for an AC. Cooling systems designed more than a decade ago are not as energy efficient as the air-conditioning systems of today. Because the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US. Department of Energy (DOE) have instituted new carbon emission standards; air conditioners are far more energy-efficient than ever. “If your AC’s parts are still under warranty, an AC parts replacement may be in order opposed to an outright upgrade.” shares a representative of.

Unreliable cooling performance. When an air-conditioning system is unable to maintain its cool, or is perpetually malfunctioning, it is best to have a thorough evaluation of your air conditioner to determine if it is just a specific part or if the AC unit needs replacing. “Ladue homeowners may consider replacing a poor performing AC sooner than later. By the time you add up those higher monthly energy costs and repairs, a new system offers more value and definitive comfort ” ”However, not all air-conditioning problems involve an outright AC replacement. Sometimes, poor insulation, a faulty coil, or undersized air duct problems hinder an AC’s performance and overall energy efficiency.”

We’re in the business to service and help save our client’s heating and cooling costs. So, we tend to over-investigate all components before, recommending any air-conditioning replacement to Ladue homeowners,” divulges Hoffmann Brother’s spokesperson.

Call Hoffmann Brothers today at (314) 664-3011 to request service or a free estimate on a new air conditioner.

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